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When winning the gear game starts with the claim 

Pre-Ordering is the best way to secure hard-to-find watersports equipment. Global supply chain issues impacting the the watersports industry are creating limited supply and lengthy delivery timelines. You will not be able to “special order” anything. For the next several years, get what you can, and be happy to pay “retail”. 

How to Pre-Order: When an item is purchased via pre-order, the order is created and the payment is pre-authorized on your credit card.  At the time of the order's placement, your credit card information is automatically saved via secure tokenized gateway. Your order is then placed in our PRE-ORDER queue. P.S. Pre-order items can only be purchased separately (on its own order) and cannot be combined with additional items on the same order. 

How to View Pre-Orders After placing an order for the Pre-Order item, you can log into the My Account section and view pre-ordered items. The pre-orders will be found under the "Track your recent orders" section of the My Account page, as well as a new section labeled "Preordered Items" which will be located directly below the recent orders section. This new section will contain a link labeled "View Details" which will show pre-order item orders (with the item availability dates), order numbers and balances.

Processing the Order: 7 days prior to the item's availability date, you will receive an email confirming your order. If you do not wish to proceed with the order, you must cancel within 24 hours of receiving the order confirmation. When the item is available to ship, we will capture the authorized amount of the order. The order will ship and you will receive a receipt and tracking number.

Questions? Send a Message or Call (252) 638-3000