Why Women Love Inflatable Paddle Boards (and why it's the perfect gift for her)

3 reasons Women Love the 

Inflatable SUP

And how an iSUP makes a perfect (and fun) gift for her


Light and easy to carry in the travel backpack or pumped up on land. You won't get tired or muscle fatigue and you won't need anyone to help you load it on the car. It's also durable so no worrying about dings.


Compact design checks on a on a plane and fits in a car or overstuffed closet. The Ultimate Go Bag for aquatic missions fits the board, pump and 3-piece paddle in one bag with backpack straps.

Who wants to Travel with Arthur Arutkin? ME. I do.
Rolling up is fun


Quick and Effective stress-relieving, hormone-balancing, strength-building activity that can done alone for solitude or with others for connecting on another level. A healthy choice for managing the stress unique to all women.
Stand Up Paddling is a Healthy Choice for Stress Management
SUP: Escape is closer than you think

The Perfect Gift Doesn't Exi...

Now that we know why women love inflatable paddle boards, here's why they make the perfect gift for her: 

#1 Packaged in a box so you can play "Guess What's In the Box" 

 #2 It's more than a gift, it's a healthy lifestyle 

 #3 You can buy 2 and make it Couples Gift for an activity you can do together. Water is an aphrodisiac, just sayin'. 

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