Must Read: The 3 C's of Water Safety


Practicing the 3 C's of Safety will help you have a good time, every time you go out on the water for an adventure.

1. Check

- Check the conditions before you get on the water. Look at immediate conditions and future forecasts. If the conditions are above your skill level, stay on land. If conditions look fine at the time, but are expected to get worse later in the day, don’t go out. If the wind is blowing offshore, proceed only if highly skilled or wait for better wind conditions.  

- Check air and water temperatures. Follow the “Rule of 120” - If the sum of air temperature and water temperature (in Fahrenheit) is below 120, you are at risk for hypothermia and wear cold-weather water gear or wait until it warms up. On the flip side, if there is a high heat warning, avoid high exertion or long exposure. 

- Check your equipment - Make sure leash connections are secure, fin and foil screws are tight, wing valves are securely closed, and bladders are not leaking. Replace any parts that are rusty, brittle or not working properly. Leashes and other equipment parts are not meant to last forever and degrade with exposure to sun, sand, water minerals and time under tension. There’s nothing worse than being in the soup and have equipment fail on you. 

2. Connect

Stay connected to your equipment with the correct leashing, follow leash laws for your area and abide by the USGC rules for flotation devices for your sport. Staying connected to your equipment prevents injury to you and others around you. 

3. Communicate

1. Tell people when and where you are going on the water, and when you expect to return to land.

2. When you return to land, tell the same people you are safe on land.

2. When possible/applicable, bring a fully charged mobile phone in a dry bag to call for help if needed.

4. Mark all of your equipment with your name and phone number so it can be identified if you are separated from your equipment or leave it behind. 


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