Banx Watersports Launches New Hydrofoil Board

Inspired by Downeast Boats, Designed for Fun

Banx Watersports is excited to announce the launch of a new product designed in North Carolina. The Hoi Toider is an inflatable hydrofoil board that offers an easy way for everyone to enjoy hydrofoil sports everywhere. 

“Inspired by the intrepid boat building community of Downeast North Carolina, this inflatable foil board is designed in the tradition of rugged fishing boats, built to withstand rough water and  rugged terrain.” 

Features and benefits of the Hoi Toider hydrofoil board include:  

Durability – Built with the same technology as whitewater inflatable paddle boards.  

Simplicity – Simple design is easy to use by all skill levels.  

Versatility – Use for towing behind a boat or personal watercraft, with a wing, or in the surf.  

Portability - Folds in half and fits inside a bag for easy transport and storage. 

The Hoi Toider hydrofoil board is available now online and in-store for $1299.00. The board includes a lightweight travel bag and air pump. For more information on the Banx Hoi Toider inflatable hydrofoil board, see the Tagged Products link below. 

About Hydrofoil Boards:  A hydrofoil board is a surfboard with a foil attached to the bottom of the board instead of fins. The foil consists of a front wing and a rear wing attached to a mast and affixed to the bottom of the board. As the board increases in speed, the hydrofoil lifts the board above the water to create a faster and more efficient glide than a board riding directly on top of the water. Hydrofoil boards are powered by towing watercraft, wave, wind, or paddle energy, and can be used anywhere from swimming pools to oceans.     

About Banx Watersports: Established in 2011 as Stand Up Outfitters, Banx Watersports operates from their waterfront location on Lawson Creek. Banx offers sales, rentals, and instruction for stand up paddle, hydrofoil and wing sports. The Hoi Toider hydrofoil board is their first product designed in North Carolina.