Just for She/Her: 6 Paddleboards made for the Divine Feminine


If you identify with these adjectives then you will love these composite and inflatable paddleboards made with the divine feminine in mind.

What's the big deal about paddleboards for women?

1. Lightweight: A lighter board is easier to handle off the water by yourself and on the water in adverse conditions

2. Performance: Designed for easy paddling at all skill levels with special features for petite paddlers

3. Aesthetics: Unique graphics offer a delightfully feminine vibe 

We review 6 Paddleboards - Which one is right for you?

We offer 3 options in Composite paddleboards and 3 options in Inflatable paddleboards. But which one is the best choice for your lifestyle? 

Composite Paddleboards

Paddleboards made with the traditional fiberglass/epoxy sandwich construction are stable, durable, and glide easily on the water. Composite boards have a long lifetime durability (with proper care, of course). Because composite boards are 10-11 feet long and weigh up to 25 lbs, you will need a vehicle with roof racks or a long cargo area to transport it, up to 12 feet of space inside or outside in a shaded area to store it, and the ability to carry and lift up to 25 lbs.

Inflatable Paddleboards

Paddleboards made with layers of PVC and dropstitch construction are lightweight, durable and comfortable to paddle. Depending on the construction process and factory quality, inflatable boards can have a shorter lifetime durability than composite boards and require monitoring during use in the summer months so they don't overheat and expand, which can cause damage. All inflatable paddleboards are not equal in quality and performance; it is worth spending more money on a high quality board. It will perform better on the water and last longer. Because inflatable boards roll up into a rectangular shaped backpack-style bag, they can be transported and stored anywhere, and checked as baggage on an airplane. They are the easiest boards to manage off the water.


SIC Tao Fit Ace-Tec

SIC Tao Fit Ace-Tec $1,149.95

Strike a pose, cast a rod, or load it down. This rugged board is versatile, durable and affordable

SIC Bolt Paddle Slim 70

SIC Bolt Slim Paddle $319.95

Slim shaft for smaller hands + custom cut to height. Lightweight for pain-free paddling

Diamond SUP

Fanatic Diamond 10'6" $1599

For Beginners to Advanced Paddlers. Easy to carry, Durable and Pretty in Pink

Starboard GO Wave

Starboard GO 11'2" Tikhine $1799

For Beginner to Advanced Paddlers. Built-in Shoulder Strap and Paddle Holder. Light & Fast on the Water


SIC Tao Air 10'6" Package $749.95

Recreational paddling, yoga, fitness, small wave surfing includes 3-piece adjustable paddle

Starboard SUP iGO Tikhine Sun Deluxe

Starboard iGO 11'2" Tikhine $799.00

Durable and Versatile Deluxe Single Chamber. Lightweight, high quality and best value

Fanatic iSUP Diamond Air Pocket

Fanatic Diamond Air Pocket $749.00

The lightest and most compact board for travel made for petite paddlers seeking big adventures

Fanatic Diamond 3-Piece Paddle for Women

Fanatic Diamond 3-Piece Paddle $209

Carbon Blend Paddle breaks into 3 pieces and fits inside the board bag for portability. Lightweight and powerful. 


Stand up paddleboarding requires two essential safety accessories - A board leash to keep you attached to your board for the most flotation and less time swimming in the water AND if you are paddling beyond the swimming zone and not in the surf zone, the United States Coast Guard law requires a Personal Flotation Device on your person or on your board. 


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