Catching Waves: The best boards for paddle surfing at every skill level


Standing up to catch waves can be easier than prone surfing, but only if you have the right board for your skill level

Modern paddle boarding as we know it was launched into existence by a few Hawaii-based surfers (BLAME LAIRD) who wanted an easier way to paddle into big waves and ride more of them. Stand Up Paddle Surfing allows the rider a better perspective to see the waves coming and paddle into any position with more control. The take-off is more forgiving and you can ride much smaller and less perfect conditions than required for prone surfing. However, paddle surfing can be frustrating and almost impossible if your board is not suited to your body weight and skill level. Before you paddle out for your next session, check out our recommendations for the paddle surf boards you can ride for fun and productive sessions at any level. Organized into three different skill levels, it's easy to see what board you need for stand up paddle success on the water.


You have never paddle surfed before but you have the basic skills required for paddle surfing: Forward paddling, backward paddling, pivot turning, weight transfers, and balance while standing still.

Start your surfing journey on boards with high volume, moderate width and manageable length as you will need the most stability and glide to catch and ride waves without frustration or danger

SIC Tao Surf - Affordable & Durable

SIC Tao Surf

SIC Tao Surf 10'6 Tough-Tec $849.95

SIC Tao Surf Ace-Tec

SIC Tao Surf 10'6 Ace-Tec $1099.95

Fanatic Fly - Quality + Stability

Fly Soft Top

Fanatic Fly Soft Top 10'6 $1299 or 11'2 $1349

Soft and Durable for Worry-Free Rides


Fanatic Fly Vector Net 11'2 $1549

The Most Stable for Learning

Fly Eco

Fanatic Fly Eco 10'6" $2199

Cork, Flax & Wood, No PVC Resin


Fanatic Diamond 11'2 $1599

Easy Handling for Petite Riders

Starboard - Industry-Leading Quality & Performance

Wedge 11'2 Starlite

Starboard Wedge 11'2" Starlite $1699

Speed and Stability in a Beautiful Design

Starboard Wedge 11'2 Action

Starboard Wedge In Action


You are comfortable catching and riding ankle to waist high waves; you can paddle out through the break and ride safely in to the beach. You can put yourself in the right position to ride the wave and can handle a variety of conditions from smooth to choppy water.

The intermediate level is all about learning to maneuver your board more effectively and efficiently on the waves. Now that you’re comfortable catching waves and riding the energy, it’s time for a board that will help you go faster and make quicker turns for better positioning to use the power of the wave. Boards that are lower volume with thinner rails and more aggressive tail and nose shaping will allow you to push harder and have more control.

Starboard - Performance 2 Ways

Starboard Whopper

Starboard Whopper 10' x 34"  Lite Tech $1099

Stability and Snappy Performance

Starboard Wedge 10'2

Starboard Wedge 10'2 x 32" Limited $1389

New! Limited Construction Built Tough for Surfing

Fanatic - Stand Up Longboard Style

Fanatic Stylemaster

Fanatic Stylemaster  10' x 30.5"  $1599

Fast and Smooth Longboard Style Riding

Stylemaster Bamboo Action

Waves Big or Small, Be the Master of Style on Them All


You're comfortable riding all waves in all conditions; you're obsessed with Surfline and drop everything when the swell hits, especially when it gets big and sporty.

The Advanced Level finds you riding bigger waves and making more radical maneuvers. You’re comfortable catching waves at any size and can maneuver where you need to; you need a board that can handle all wave conditions and allow you to make critical moves as required.

Starboard - The Paragon of Surf Performance

Starboard Wedge 8'7" Blue Carbon

Starboard Wedge 8'7" x 32" Blue Carbon $2799

Starboard Blue Carbon Construction

Blue Carbon Construction is the Industry Leader

Fanatic - Made for All Waves

Fanatic AllWave

Fanatic AllWave 8'11" $1499

New Design for Upgraded Performance

Fanatic AllWave Action off the lip and in the curl

Dig the rail and float the tail on all waves

SIC - Performance and Style

SIC Slice Stock

SIC Slice 9'0 x 29" $1499

A Real Speed Demon with Style

SIC Slice Off the Lip

SIC Slice is made for Top Performers


Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider, having the best equipment under your feet will make it easy to enjoy the ride

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