5 Paddleboards (and 1 Paddle) For Your Family

Ultimate family fun

Paddleboarding is the perfect family activity on the water. Everyone benefits in mind, body and soul from time on the water together.

What makes a great "family" Paddleboard?

1. Durable - Built to withstand rough handling off and on the water and will last a long time with heavy use. You don't want to worry about boards getting dinged, dropped or jumped on, so they need to be made from durable, high-quality materials by reputable industry brands.

2. Stable - Capacity to hold an adult plus small children and adults of all sizes

3. Versatile - Use it as easily on a lake as the ocean and suitable for use as an exercise machine, fishing platform, or a floating water tag station. I've heard of parents getting a workout while paddling with a child napping on the board. Now that's a total Win.

4. Affordable - No need for carbon fiber here; a high-quality and durable paddleboard that will last a long time will be in the $800-$1300 price range. For comparison, the mid-level price range of paddleboards is  $1400-$1900 and the high-end price range is $2000-$4000. Keep in mind that inflation and supply chain issues have affected the paddleboard industry and prices have increased significantly in the past two years.

5 Paddleboards (and 1 Paddle) For Your Family

Paddbleboards: 1. SIC Tao Surf 2. SIC Tao Fit 3. Starboard GO Lite Tech 4. Starboard iGO Zen 5. Fanatic Fly Soft Top

Paddle: Leverlock® Adjustable Carbon Blend 3-Piece Paddle

Bonus! Safety Accessories: MTI Day Tripper PFD & Leash

Tao Surf Tough-Tec

SIC Tao Surf Tough-Tec $849.95

All Around Use - Most Durable Construction 

Tao Surf Ace-Tec

SIC Tao Surf Ace-Tec $1099.95

All Around Use - Lighter than Tough-Tec - Durable

Tao Fit Tough-Tec

Tao Fit Tough-Tec $899.95

Flatwater Use - Stable Platform - Most Durable

Tao Fit Ace-Tec

Tao Fit Ace-Tec $1149.95

Flatwater Use - Lighter than Tough-Tec - Durable

Starboard GO

Starboard GO Lite Tech $1099

Flatwater - Easy to Paddle - Durable

iGO Zen SC

Starboard iGO Zen $659

Inflatable version of the GO - Lightweight - Affordable

Fanatic Fly Soft Top

Fanatic Fly Soft Top $1299

Full Soft Deck - Nose & Tail Bumpers - Lightweight

Leverlock Adjustable Paddle Carbon Blend

Leverlock® Adjustable Blend Paddle $139

Adjustable for All Paddlers - 3-Piece for Easy Transport

Essential Accessories

Day Tripper PFD

MTI Day Tripper PFD $39.95

One Size Fits All

Longboard Leash 9'

Straight Leash 9' $34.00

Flatwater or Surf - Multi-Purpose - No Drag

Ready to get on the water with the family?

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