11 Paddle Boards for everybody and every budget


We stocked the 11 most popular paddle boards from Starboard that are perfect for everybody and every budget. You can trust the quality from Starboard and they offer the best value in the industry. Because if you're going to get burned this summer, make sure it's not your wallet from buying a cheap paddle board that won't last or is impossible to stand on. 

Check out the best Inflatable, All Around, and Surf Paddle Boards we selected just for you:

Inflatable Paddle Boards

You can trust the quality and performance of Starboard Inflatable Paddle Boards. Made with welded rails, linear drop stitch, and single or double chamber options, these boards won't blow out or flop around. All inflatables are NOT created equal. Get the highest quality for the lowest price with a Starboard inflatable.

iGO Tikhine Sun
iGO 10'8" x 33 Deluxe Single Chamber
iGO 11'2" x 31 Deluxe Single Chamber
iGO Zen Double Chamber
iSUP Touring

All Around Paddle Boards

One board that's best for all the places you want to paddle and everyone you want to paddle with. The All Around Paddle Board is stable, glides quickly, and is easy to turn. All Around boards are ideal for cruising flat water with kids and dogs, doing yoga, or surfing small waves. Starboard's All Around boards are superior in their lifetime durability and easy handling both on and off the water. 

GO Tikhine Wave
GO Lite Tech

Surf Paddle Boards

Stand Up Paddle Surfing is the easiest way to ride waves and Starboard makes the best boards for learning to paddle surf and taking your surfing skills to the next level. Built tough for surf conditions and thoughtfully designed for better performance, Starboard paddle surf boards are the best choice for catching waves and sitting on top of the world.

Wedge 11'2"
Wedge Limited

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